K.WEST Custom Facial
75 minutes  $135
Intended for all skin types. After discussing your skincare concerns, your treatment will be handcrafted to your needs. A deep cleanse and exfoliation followed by infusion of cold pressed botanical oils and clinical grade serums through massage. Your massage is tailored to your skin type and drawn from therapies including accupressure, lymphatic drainage, cupping, and sculpting. Finally, a customized mask leaves you glowing. The K.West Facial includes a tranquil hand, neck and foot massage to reduce inflammation in the nervous system.

K.WEST SilkPeel Facial
85 minutes $170
Novel skin resurfacing technology provides simultaneous exfoliation with deep delivery of customized serums directly to the deepest layers of your skin to repair at a cellular level. Whether it's acne, dryness, anti-aging or hyperpigmentation, Silk Peel leaves your skin silky smooth, hydrated and bright. This luxurious facial includes all that is offered in the K.WEST Custom Facial in addition to the SilkPeel Treatment. For those with hyperpigmenation concerns, the patented Lumixyl serum is available for an additional $10. 

Microcurrent Facial
85 minutes $170
Dubbed the "non invasive face lift", microcurrent tightens and tones facial and neck muscles using gentle sub-sensory current. This current mimics our body's own naturally occurring electrical impulses which deteriorate with age, acting like a battery "recharge" for facial muscles and skin. Your facial begins with a clinical grade enzyme peel (no downtime) to reduce fine lines and prepare the skin to receive the nutrients that are driven deep into the dermis during the microcurrent treatment. An acupressure massage follows and intensifies the results of the microcurrent. Perfect for all ages as an anti aging preventative treatment, or as a corrective treatment. Clinical studies show 50% increase in collagen after 20 days of microcurrent treatments, thus results are cumulative, and a program of 10 ($1400) is suggested. More information on series and booking is available in house after consultation. 

K.WEST Quickfix
30 minutes $90
Treatment will be chosen after consultation, and will consist of either a Silk Peel treatment, an AHA Chemical Peel, or Plant Based Enzyme Peel. 
Series of 5 treatments is available for $400 and can be booked in house, after consultation.




All facials are preformed by Katie Westgate, Licensed Aesthetician and Certified Nutrition Coach.

LOCATION: 218 N. Fourth Avenue, Suite 205, above the People's Food Co-Op in Ann Arbor.

HOURS: Monday 10 am-3:30 pm, Wednesday: 1 pm-7:30pm, Thursday: 11 am-7:30pm, Friday 10am-5pm, Sunday: 11 am-6pm

Book online, or by calling (734) 263-3315

Or email me at


Skin reflects what's in... 

K.WEST Skincare Studio is where Katie Westgate, licensed Aesthetician and Nutrition Coach, practices holistic skin care. Believing that the way you look is a direct reflection of the way you feel, there is not a one size fits all “fix”. Self care is an ongoing commitment. Programs are personally tailored to you, drawn from the traditions of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, and combined with the latest aesthetic advancements to deliver results. Specialties include microcurrent, Silk Peel Dermalinfusion, and acupressure facials.

Katie is a licensed Aesthetician and Certified Nutrition Coach. She received her aesthetic education in New York City through Christine Valmy Institute, and nutrition education through the Integrated Institute of Nutrition. She practiced in New York in a spa and in her home studio for years before returning to her home state of Michigan. 


Best Facial // Best Massage

Best facial in Ann Arbor! We love the Silk Peel, seaweed mask, and vitamin C serum. Each facial is customized for your skin type/issue. Latest esthetic advancements from a certified nutritionist.  – THE BROW BAR


This facial was amazing. It was beyond the facials I would get at my dermatologist office for many reasons: the great location, beautiful/tranquil room, cucumber and seaweed mask, Chinese pressure-point work, and most importantly the silk facial. This facial was incredibly hydrating and cleansing. My skin was not red afterwards and I could go about the rest of my day feeling confident. It was a real treat. I will be coming here to see Katie rather than going to my dermatologist from now on.  – JULIE M.

Amazing facial

An entirely lovely experience. Pleasant atmosphere, very relaxing and impressive results. Would recommend to anyone!  – EMILY W.

So Relaxing

What a wonderful experience! Katie has created a gorgeous atmosphere. The custom facial left my skin glowing. The massage portions of the facial were amazing and left me feeling completely pampered and relaxed. I can't wait to go back again!   – DIANA MARSH


I loved my facial and I definitely could tell a difference right away in my skin. Katie is very knowledgeable on what is perfect for my skin type. She gave an excellent facial and her space is sooooo relaxing. Thank You!   – J.H.